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What is Package Consolidation

When we started out initially, we were swamped with questions from users about what package consolidation was all about, the merit and the entailed cost to users.

Although it is covered in detail in the Service page and FAQ page.  We are fully aware and understand, the questions arise due to users being cost conscious and cautious not to spend on services or options that they don’t need or see little importance in.   We have decided to take up package consolidation here in order to reach those who failed to read about it in the Service and FAQ pages and also to dispel any fear about cost.

What really is Package Consolidation? , it entails combining or bundling several packages or items into one  package to significantly reduce shipping and insurance cost, reduced transportation cost helps streamline custom procedure, heightened safety due to the reduced risk of package loss or damage as a result of the reduced number of packages and ease of tracking and expediting of shipment to the final delivery address.

Package consolidation enables you to shop as much as you want from as many online Shops as you like without fear of shipping cost skyrocketing, all you have to do is join Myjapanaddress, shop and have your merchandise shipped to your Japan address at check out. When the goods are delivered to our facility, the packages are bundled into a single package resulting in significant savings in shipping cost which can amount to 75% in savings.

Just like taxis that levy a base amount for an initial distance, Courier companies also levy a base amount for an initial weight and the amount increases exponentially with a certain increase in the weight of the package. By consolidating, the base shipping cost is levied only once since it is one box rather than number of times equivalent to the number of packages if they were shipped separately.

Of course, package consolidation is performed at no extra cost to the user so the user should not hesitate requesting his or her goods to be consolidated prior to shipping. Some of the savings gained from consolidation are passed to the user and the percentage passed depends on the membership plan subscribed to.

Package consolidation service is one of those services that users have to consider and take advantage of as there is no better way to reduce shipping cost than to consolidate.

Package consolidation is like a magic wand to package forwarders for being the easiest and best means of cost saving and since package forwarding companies also benefit from the savings made, they are all the while willing to consolidate even when not requested to.

To qualify for the package consolidation service you have to first of all register with MyJapanaddress and get your real unique Japan address and you can start shopping right away and having the things delivered to your newly acquired Japan address by stating it as the delivery-to-address during checkout. The good part is you can buy as many items as you want without worrying about packaging because Myjapanaddress will consolidate them at no extra cost and ship to where ever you are.

For more details and a graphic demonstration of our package consolidation service check the Service page.

myjapanaddress package consolidation


Click here for a thorough explanation of the Package Consolidation service at Myjapanaddress.


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The Merits of using the Personal Shopper Service

Why Use A Personal Shopper Service.
Some people hear personal shopper and are scared, thinking it is meant only for the very rich who can provide a blank check or platinum credit card to spend without any limits. Wrong, anybody can use our personal shopper service and you don’t necessarily need to have a credit card or bank account.
Personal shopper or concierge shopper aka Buy-for-Me Shopping is a service we offer to anybody interested In getting anything from Japan but unable to for a number of reasons such as not knowing where to get them at a reasonable price, the seller doesn’t ship internationally, the seller won’t accept foreign issued credit card or due to language constraints you are unable to navigate through and make a purchase due to the website being only in Japanese.
With our personal shopper service You Can get anything you want without possessing Japanese yen or Japan issued credit card.
The difficulty most shoppers abroad face when shopping at Japanese sites is that most Japanese online vendors require that payments are made in Japanese yen or that the credit card should be issued in Japan, most don’t even know paypal exist so that is totally out of the question.
Most serve only domestic clients so will not accept wire transfer payments. The personal shopper service makes it possible to meet any vendor requirements, by MyJapanAddress paying on your behalf in any acceptable payment method or currency and handling of all ensuing communication with the vendor.
You can still be able to Order anything you find at any Japanese Online shop , but what if the vendor does not ship abroad or to your country.
You can be able to make purchases at Japanese online stores from abroad but what if the vendor doesn’t ship abroad and the bad news is that the vast majority don’t ship internationally.
All you have to do is copy and paste the link where the item is found, and make use of our personal shopper service and our personal shoppers will make the purchase for you, and have the item(s) delivered directly to your doorstep. It’s really that easy.
You are unable to navigate through Japanese websites due to the language thus unable to purchase by yourself.
All you have to do is send us the name, description and any other details about your needs and our personal shoppers will search what you need at the best price and relay the information to you.
One advantage we offer that no vendor will offer you is savings in shipping, As volume shippers, we have negotiated special discounted Shipping rates with our courier partners which we pass on to our customers.
Take advantage of the cost savings by entrusting your shopping needs to us but before you do that it is nice to know what you need to do to make use of our personal shopper service.
All you have to do is email us a list or URL of the products you want, the full description, color, size and quantity and if possible the price of the things, and leave the rest to us. Our personal shopper will hunt for the best prices possible and relay it to you and if the price is acceptable, you pay the required amount excluding the shipping cost from our facility to your location abroad. Each step along the way, you will be updated either by email or through the dashboard about the status of your order. Upon arrival of the items at our facility you are provided with one free picture of the exterior of the package, additional pictures of the enclosed goods would require a small fee.
Depending on the plan that you subscribe to we can test any gadget before it is shipped to you and save you from the hassle and cost of refunding the product from your location to the vendor when it is faulty or the wrong product.
We consolidate or repackage if possible and relay the shipping cost to you and upon payment your goods are shipped to you.
Our vast knowledge of the Japanese market is unmatched and we are committed to providing the best shipping rates and best deals and savings with our personal shopper service.
We charge 10% (including consumption tax) of the total cost of the purchase for our personal shopping service.

personal shopper shopping mall

Shopping Mall In Kobe

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What is Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper also known as Concierge shopping or Buy-For-Me shopping is better known in the U.S. as a service used by the very wealthy who don’t want to go through the hassle of going out looking for and trying on fashion items but would rather have the fashion items meet them at their homes where they can try the items under the watchful eyes of loved ones or family members and get their candid opinions rather than some shop keeper who will say nice things just to sell. So the super rich  employ the services of fashion experts to go out and purchase fashion items that they desire for a fee to the personal shopper which in most cases is 10 percent of the cost of the item, which means the more expensive the purchase the better for the personal shopper.

myjapan personal shopper service


So how does this relate with the personal shopper service offered by package forwarding companies such MyjapanAddress, it is similar, the only difference being that it is not limited to fashion items but any stuff that does not run foul of the laws of Japan or International laws.

Most Japanese shopping sites, stores or sellers on yahoo auction don’t ship abroad and even if they do, the Japanese language can be very intimidating for a non-native Japanese speaker which can be frustrating, and even if you are fortunate enough to find those things that you crave for at your location abroad, duties, shipping cost and many intermediaries in the distribution chain result in the prices being astronomical and out of reach. Hence getting them from Japan and having them shipped to you ends up being cheaper and a better option, and that is where package forwarding companies like Myjapanaddress come in handy.

Most people without an acquaintance in Japan are resigned to the fact that it is possible to get anything from Japan even stuffs that are not exported and only sold in the domestic market and it will be a tough sell assuring them that it is possible. As you are about to learn , it is  easy and fast and  can be done from the comfort of your home , office or just any place anywhere in the World.

All you have to do is email your wish list or URL of the products you want, the full description, color, size and quantity and if possible the price of the things, and leave the rest to Myjapanaddress.

Our experienced experts with a vast knowledge of the Japanese market will search for the best prices possible for the goods and relay the prices to you and if you are comfortable with the price(s), you pay with your credit card, bank transfer or any other accepted method of payment, and we will ship your goods with the shipping company of your choice and provide you with the tracking number.While anxiously waiting, you can monitor the whereabouts of your goods as they make the journey to you.

Click here for a thorough explanation of the personal shopper service at

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