The new Impreza, which Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) Ltd showed off at New York International Auto Show 2016, comes with a system that automatically applies the brakes at the time of backing the car up.The New Impreza sedan

The system detects obstacles located behind the car with sensors embedded in the rear bumper. When there is a possibility that the car crashes into an obstacle, it sets off a voice alarm. If the driver does not avoid the crash by, for example, operating the brakes, the system automatically applies the brakes to avoid the crash or reduce the damage caused by the crash.

To improve visibility at night, the new Impreza has the “high-beam assist” function using a stereo camera. It automatically switches between high and low beams of the headlamps in accordance with the states of preceding and oncoming vehicles.

The vehicle also has the “steering wheel-interlocked headlamp” function. It moves the light axes of the headlamps in accordance with steering so that light is directed to the vehicle’s traveling direction at an intersection, curve, etc. As a result, the nighttime visibility was further improved.

Moreover, the new Impreza features the “Eyesight ver.3” safe driving support system and is capable of detecting blind spots. The Eyesight ver.3 offers functions such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) supporting automatic braking and all vehicle speeds as well as lane departure prevention.Interior of the new impreza

The new Impreza is equipped with the “FB20 Type” naturally-aspirated (NA) horizontally opposed direct-injection engine with a displacement of 2.0L. The engine was developed by replacing about 80% of the components of FHI’s previous NA engine with the same displacement and reducing the weight. The maximum output of the FB20 Type is 113kW, which is 3kW higher than that of the previous engine.