Toyota Motor Corp has fully remodeled the “Camry” mid-size sedan for the first time in six years and released it July 10, 2017.

Toyota developed a platform and a power train for the new Camry by using “TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture),” which shares parts across segments. The new vehicle combines a 2.5L engine and the “THS II” hybrid system. Its fuel efficiency is 33.4km/L (approx 78.6mpg).

The new Camry is manufactured at Toyota’s Tsutsumi Plant. It aims to sell 2,400 units per month. Its price starts from ¥3,294,000 (approx US$29,379, including tax).

The most distinguishing feature of the new Camry is that it is equipped with a newly-developed engine having a thermal efficiency of 41%. It is a 2.5L in-line four-cylinder direct-injection gasoline engine and reported to be the successor to the existing “2AR” engine.

Front view of the new toyota camry rear view of the new toyota camry

Thus far, Toyota has already developed new models of the “Prius,” “C-HR,” etc by using the TNGA, but only the underbody has been shared by them. Starting from the new 2.5L engine, the company will promote the sharing of power trains, planning to adopt design guidelines to be shared by nine kinds (17 variations) of engines by 2021.

Interior of the new toyota camry

For the Japanese market, Toyota released only a hybrid (HEV) model of the new Camry. The THS II was developed based on the hybrid system that is used for the fourth-generation Prius and designed for FF (front-engine, front-wheel-drive) vehicles. Compared with the existing combination of a 2.5L engine and a hybrid system, the new system reduces the time it takes to increase speed from 40 to 70km/h (approx 24.9-43.5mph) by 10% and improves fuel efficiency by 20% under the JC08 test mode.

engine room of the new toyota camry

The maximum output and maximum torque of the engine are 131kW and 221N·m, respectively. The maximum output and maximum torque of the new Camry’s motor are 88kW and 202N·m. It is equipped with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. The vehicle measures 4,885 (L) x 1,840 (W) x 1,445mm (H), and its wheelbase is 2,825mm.